Cottage resort

For sale in Ontario, Canada.

Our Cottage resort is located in the central part of the peninsula, in 10 acres of waterfront property.

Central line of resort.

Central line of resort

The resort includes seven cottages, seven small cabins, cafe, new showers, sandy beaches, playgrounds and all necessary amenities.

Two cottages have two bedrooms and include three-piece bathrooms with whirlpool. Five cottages have one bedroom and a three-piece bathroom. Cottages can accommodate 2-6 people. All cottages and cabins are located within 50-150 feet from the waterfront and all offer a majestic view over the Golden Lake. All waterfront cottages have large enclosed lake-view gazebos, 90 to 170 sq.feet each.

For plan of our resort please, follow the link.

Well-established business.

Strong income and fast grow.

The site has been known as Nien Mar Lake campground since the mid-1950’s. We started a total renovation in 2008, and the business was re-opened in 2011 as a Cottage resort. For the year 2017 our sales reach $179K.

High level of client satisfaction.

Google Place Score

Google Place Score

All assets are new and do not require expensive maintenance.  The level of client satisfaction is very high ( 91% in Fall 2015).

We have a Google Review Score 4.9 of 5.

The small hospitality business is very personal one, and we are doing our best to make every guest happy. And the best reward for us is the smiling guests, who often became our friends.

The guests satisfaction is not a matter of the marketing for us. The guest satisfaction is a our personal value – the one of our priorities. In many senses, resort business is not only income generating activity. The resort business is a very special live style, with new friends and a lot of happiness around.

We also has a very good reputation on the Facebook and

Top scores on internet.

Top scores on internet.



Financing from the owner.

This resort is on direct sale from the owner. The owner’s financing is available to qualified buyers. In fact, I would prefer buyers who are looking for financing from owner. Please, fine more details here. 

 Most valuable resort assets.

Before I’ve bought that place in 2007, I’ve spent about 6 mount and hundreds litters of gas to find the “prefect resort” for my business and for my live. But nothing was looking good enough. Even places with price which doubled my budget, were too risky to buy. So,  then I started my project, I did everything to avoid flaws that kept myself from buying the old resort eight years ago. I believe, the most competitive point of my resort  are:

– New cottages.

Not renovated, but totally new. They smells like new. They looks like new. And all pipes and engineering systems are done in the proper way. So they are reliable and easy accessible.

– New water lines and hydro lines in the ground. This is a most invisible, but the most important asset. It is very expensive, and sometimes just impossible to fix lines in the ground. Sometimes you should dig out hundred feet to find the flow.

– We have all surveys, all building permits and all ESA inspections filed.

Then I just started my way to the cottage business, I was aware, that documents are one of the most important assets. Eight years later, I’m not really sure if all of them are really important for the business. Although, if you expect to do any development or alterations, it is better to have those papers.

– Private waterfront and private picnic spot on the lake for the each cottage.

Please note: not “lake view” spots, not “lake access” cabins, as promoted by the most resorts.  We grant the privacy on the lake for the each guest. And, after 3 years of operations, I should say – this feature is our “best seller”.

Lakefront picnic spot. Cottage #2.

Lakefront picnic spot. Cottage #2.

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