Lakeview Dining room.

Cafe (Dining room).

Lakeview Cafe.

Lakeview Cafe.

  • Free season cafe (insulated to R15) includes 600 sq. feet of café area, 90 sq. feet of main kitchen, along with 250 sq. feet for the grill addition.
  • All equipment is electrical. All equipment expect the commercially-graded fridges and dishwasher are new. The kitchen layout and equipment have been pre-approved by the health inspector.
  • In 2015 back porch has been altered to use the BBQs (propane and charcoal).
  • The attached game room has 1,300 sq. feet of covered area, and can be used for almost any requirements, including additional seating for the café.




Cafe floor plan.

Cafe and kitchen with grill addition

Cafe, kitchen, showers and game room. Original plan.

Lakefront cafe. Photo gallery.

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