Campground for Sale.

 Campground and cottages on the Golden Lake, Ontario.

For sale by owner – campground and Cottage resort in Eastern Ontario, Canada.

Cabin on the lake.

Cabin on the lake.

At a glance facts:

  • Area – 10 acres, zoned “Tourist-Commercial”
  • Waterfront – 2,000 feet
  • Small cabins 100 sq.feet – 7 units
  • Cottages 720 sq.feet  – 7 unis
  • Games room 1 440 sq. feet – 1
  • Cafe and kitchen with BBQ porch – 1
  • Kids’ playground, volleyball court, sandy Beaches, boat launch, docks,
  • Facilities: Septic systems (built 2010) – 5; Deep wells – 3 (2009-2013); Primary line -600 V; Secondary lines – 120V; Main power transformer – 100 kW.



Campground located on the northern area of our peninsula, and includes seven small cabins (cabanas) and seven serviced spots. New bathrooms and showers are located close to the cabins. All cabins installed in 2013-2014. Some photos  below:


The seven new cottages are located in the central part of our resort. Each cottage (except #7) has its own area of waterfront, including picnic spot and outside fireplace. All cottages are fully-winterized and equipped for both short or long-stay.

On Sale by Owner and Developer.

Campground and cottages are on sale by owner: owner financing is available. The interest rate starts, for qualified buyers, at the current prime.

The business has been in active operation since 2011, with a stable growth in sales and profits. The sales grow up approximately 50% per year and reached $161 188 (including HST) in 2015 with year end in September.

The plan of our resort is below. The campground marked as “Cabanas” on the Norhen part of our peninsula (central-bottom of the picture). The cottage part located in the center of peninsula.



Plan of our resort.

Plan of our resort.


Our most valuable assets:

– New cottages.

Not renovated, but totally new. They smells like new. They looks like new. And all pipes and engineering systems are done in the proper way. So they are reliable and easy accessible.

– New water lines and hydro lines in the ground. This is a most invisible, but the most important asset. It is very expensive, and sometimes just impossible to fix lines in the ground. Sometimes you should dig out hundred feet to find the flow.

– We have all surveys, all building permits and all ESA inspections filed.

Then I just started my way to the cottage business, I was aware, that documents are one of the most important assets. Eight years later, I’m not really sure if all of them are really important for the business. Although, if you expect to do any development or alterations, it is better to have those papers.

– Private waterfront and private picnic spot on the lake for the each cottage and for the each cabin.

Please note: not “lake view” spots, not “lake access” cabins, as promoted by the most resorts.  We grant the privacy on the lake for the each guest. And, after 3 years of operations, I should say – this feature is our “best seller”.

Picnic spot on the lake. April 2015.


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