Lakefront resort and campground.

Cottages, cabins and extensive waterfront.

Cottage resort includes seven cottages, seven small cabins, cafe, new showers, sandy beaches, playgrounds and all necessary amenities.

Two cottages have two bedrooms and offer three-piece bathrooms with whirlpool. Five cottages are one bedroom with a three-piece bathroom.The cottages can accommodate 2-6 people. All cottages and cabins are located within 50-200 feet from the waterfront and all offer a perfect view over the majestic Golden Lake. All waterfront cottages have large enclosed lake-view gazebos of 90 to 170 sq.feet each.

Eastern Ontario.

Eastern Ontario is a stunning area of Canada’s National Capital that provides a wealth of opportunities to explore the rich cultural heritage of Canada, including its art galleries, museums and historical sites.

Eastern Ontario borders with Quebec, a province with a unique cultural background that plays host to some of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Our resort is located in the center of the Ottawa Valley, and the location is ideal for guests who want to explore the region from the comfort and beauty of this scenic resort.


Sale by owner.

All properties are clear from any mortgage and can be sold quickly. For qualified buyers we would consider “financing from the seller option”. This can start as low as 20% in downpayments. The interest is dependent on a variety of criteria but can be calculated as the current average interest on the commercial financing. The seller is flexible with terms of financing, providing the bank and legal adviser estimate the deal as being “low risk”.

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