Plans and maps.

Our resort on the plan of Ontario.

Central Ontario map.

Property on the map of Ontario.

Our cottage resort is located in Eastern Ontario, on the Northern part of Ottawa Valley, close to the Algonquin park.

Plan of the whole property.

Lakefront House with acreage for sale.

Lakefront House with acreage for sale.

On the plan above  you can see the whole our property. The resort is nestled on  the the peninsula at the southern part of the commercial property, up to Gorman road.

Plan of resort (whole peninsula).

On the plan below, you can see central part of our resort with pictograms of the recreational cottages. The cottages are far enough from the each other to provide the guests privacy and ensure a private spot on the lake for the every cottage. Despite this, the cottages are close to the water supply (well and pump house) and the source of  electrical power, thus minimizing maintenance expenses.
The majority of our clients see the level of privacy as one of the most significant advantages to our resort.



More than just cottages for sale.

Goldenville cottages. ChildrenPlayground

Goldenville cottages. Children’s Playground

The cottage resort contains around 10 acres of lushly forested and gently sloped waterfront property that incorporates everything that your guests could wish for during their visit. The resort’s assets include a sandy beach, children’s playground, volleyball/badminton court, and enough space to implement even your most ‘blue sky’ ideas.


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