History and prospective.

How old is the resort?

All cottages were completed in 2010-2011. The cafe and game rooms were finished in summer 2013. The small cabins were installed in summer 2014. The log sauna is oldest building, completed in 2009. All pipes, hydro lines, “in-ground” communications – are new, safe and fully  approved by the authorities.

How old are the structures on the property?

2011-2014. The residential house is much older.

Is further development possible?

The property is ready for further development – the environmental, archaeological (both stages) assessments have been conducted, the land survey was done in 2010, the pre-approval for new residential housing has been received, the pre-consultations on possible further severance is on the way. The Tourist – Commercial Zoning provides almost unlimited opportunities for further projects.

I would like to know if this property is zoned for any business or 
just zoned for cottages?

The property is zoned as Tourist-Commercial. This zoning provides a range of opportunities for further development if you wish to do so. Please find our more on the website for Bonnechere Valley Township. You can also download zoning By-Law.

In your development plan, have you considered permanent park model and day campers?

I did not considered this opportunity for the peninsula, but it can be a good plan for our undeveloped land.

What is the possible use for the Tourist – Commercial zoning?

(a) Residential Uses

An accessory dwelling unit.

(b) Non-Residential Uses

  •   – active recreation uses
  • – amusement rides and games
  • – automotive – gasoline bar
  •  – bed and breakfast
  •  – camping or cottage establishment
  • – eating establishment – drive in
  •  – eating establishment – full service
  • – eating establishment – take-out
  • – hotel
  •  – marina
  • – motel
  •  – passive recreation uses
  •  – place of entertainment
  • – public park
  • – private park
  •  – recreational vehicle campground or park
  • – resort
  • – retail store
  •  – riding stables
  • – souvenir sales establishment
  • – storage building

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