A brief overview of the buyer options can be seen below.

The offer: area waterfront price:
(acres) (feet) $
Empty Land.     N/A 45 acr. 1,000′ $242,000
Residential lot with existing home 10 acr. 300′ $342 000
 Empty land and residential home package 55 acr. 1300′ $420 000
Resort 10 acr. 2,000′  $1 200,000
Whole property 65 acr. 3,300′  $1,450,000

 Terms and conditions.

  1. All prices above are applicable for the offers with closing date in November – January. Other closing date will lead to the price adjustment for the municipal taxes, insurance,  and for the resort prospected revenues,  transferred to the new owner.
  2. Residential property and land are priced at MPAC value with inclusions as on the MPAC papers.
  3. Owners financing with  50% downpayment, at 6% p.a., closed for 10 years, 10 – 30 years amortization.
  4. Offers with unclear or too complex conditions are not taken in consideration.

Plan of properties, may be found below:

Lakefront House with acreage for sale.

Lakefront House with acreage for sale.










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