What properties do you sell?

I’ve 3 lakefront properties – 2 commercial and 1 residential – about 65 acres in total with 3 000 feet of waterline. The properties can be sold together or separately.

What included in the price?

We priced all properties, at the MPAC value, so price include everything from the MPAC description – land a capital buildings. We have detailed lists of tools and assets which are not included in the price, so buyers has a flexibility to pay only for the good he really needs.

Do you sell assets or business?

All properties and all exclusions are priced as the assets. Intangible assets and good will are negotiable.

Do you have a sign at the entrance of the property?

Many signs on the HWY and at the entrance.

Is there parking or a designated parking lot at the cabins?

Yes, at the cabins, and we allocate special lots for big events.

Are any dwelling for the owners?

You can live in the any cottage or you can buy the adjusted 8 ares of waterfront land with 3bdr residential home for very reasonable amount of extra $$

In the smaller lot with the 2 houses & many outbuildings, is the plumbing working? I noticed the water wasn’t running and washrooms looked like they weren’t functional at the moment.

Small house on the residential does not has plumbing, bathroom or running water. All other buildings have water and plumbing.

Where is the well located on the property?

1 well on the residential property and 3 wells on the resort property.

Are there records of well water quality tests?

We test water for cottages monthly, for campground – quarterly,  and for the residential house every year.

-How deep is the well? Is there any variations in water level with the seasons? Has it ever run dry?

All wells on the resort are new and has a official records for the deepens and volume. We do not have relaiable data on the residential well, but it working well for us.

-Do you know the normal flow rate?

Yes, well records provided.

Is there a permit for the septic system.

There are 5 septic systems on the resort, and each of them has an building permit and all inspections.

Is the leaching bed over 30m from the well.

Yes this is a code.

Does the tank perform satisfactorily for the house.

No complains.

Has there been any backups or other problems with the septic system?

No significant problems.

Is there a holding tank, and if so when was it last emptied.

Each septic has an holding tank. We empty it approximately once per 3 year.

Are there any existing easements or rights of way currently on the property.

Yes, all Rights of Way are designated at the survey plan.

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