Finances and accounting.


Are financial statements available?

Yes, financial statements conducted by certified accountants are available for potential buyers, after the confidentiality agreement is signed.

What are the taxes for the cottage resorts?

About $8 462 in 2017 – for the cottage resort only. Residential home $3000, and empty land $300 as well.


What is your occupancy rate for the last few years?


Cash Flow for the last Free Years.


How the sales a distributed around the year cycle?

89% of sales contributed to the May-October. New Year brought 3% of annual sales. Other 8% belong to the November-April. From the 2016 we work just May-October.

Will the owner finance residential house as well?

Yes, we can finance the whole property, but for residential house you can borrow from the bank at the better rate.

…numbers just don’t add up for me…

We do not have any answers for the question like that. We provide to the potential buyer all financial statement, official appraisals, and original data. We are not in position to keep a long discussion on the proper method of the business evaluation, on the fair way to access property value, or on the alternative investment opportunities. We are pretty sure we offer the best price on the market for the newly built, tourist-commercial property, but please, make your opinion by yourself.

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