Are they housekeeping cottages?

Yes, we provide just self-catering cottages.

What is the cost of water and sewerage?

No costs for the water. We pump out the sewers once a year at a cost of $400 for all tanks.

How many staff are running it during the high season?

I do all the maintenance work, my wife does the sales and we have a great person in charge of the cleaning and breakfasts. Occasionally we have hired an extra person in cases where we needed to clean all the cottages in the same day.

Do you operate through the winter season?

Since 2016, we do not operate in the winter, except the advanced orders from the group.

What was the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge for me was to organize all small stuff in the right place.  There are hundreds of items involved in operations – tools, machines, linens, lighteners etc. If you keep every small piece in it’s own place it makes live a much easier.

How many time do you spend for the project?

It is really hard to say. The maintains takes about one day in a week, including the grass cutting, beach raking, bush cutting etc. We do not make the cleaning ourselves – we pay the fixed price – $25 per the cottage.  In general, cleaning takes about 90 minutes per cottage, but it really depends on the cottage conditions after the guests leave.

In the spring you should spend full week to clean the bushes, collect the fallen leaves and make resort ready for the season.


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