Technical questions.

Technical questions.

What type of foundations do the cottages have?

Cottages 1 to 3 are founded on sono tubes with insulated crawl space, 4 to 7 are founded on shallow slabs with heating pipes installed inside.

The power limits.

The resort has its own primary hydro line (600 amps), and we have a own transformer (100 kWt.), guaranteeing a continual reserve of power. We installed 100 Amp panels in the cottages, 200 Amp panels in shower building and 100 Amp on the Campground. But you can do significant upgrade if you wish – the power switch is literally in your hands.

Do you have all the necessary building permits and ESA certificates?

All buildings on the property have building permits and certificates of inspection by the building engineer and the ESA authorities.

What technical documents are available?

All septic systems (five in total) are new, and have been approved by the building engineer and included in the plans. There is also a comprehensive range of further documentation available, including an environmental survey, wiring plans for every cottage, floor plans for the each cottage, and so on. We have blueprints (some of them homemade), building permits and inspection acts for every job which has been conducted.

Have surveys for the property been completed?

Yes, we have two environmental reports, and archaeological reports conducted in 2009-2012. We also have up-to-date land plans and surveys completed in 2007-2011.

How are the cottages heated?

Firewood. You can find it free on the property. We buy it for $75 per cord (2014). In 2015 we cut a most firewood by ourselves.  Even 10 acres of well-treed land gives enough wood supply to heat resort and to cut firewood for the bone fires in the summer. If we keep cottages running in the winter, we can use a additional electrical heaters in the cottages. 1.5 kW heater keeps cottage warm at any outside temperature.

What do the water and sewerage consist of?

4 septic, 3 deep wells. All new, in good shape and with all required documents.

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