Commercial land.

Commercial land for development.

Commercial land for development.

Commercial zoned waterfront lot for sale: 

  • 45 acres of land with about 1,000 feet of waterfront for fishing village (or, more probably, new residential development). However, we have not started on either development as yet.
  • The waterfront is well sloped, but needs to be cleaned from the bushes.
  • The waterline along that part of property is grassy, and really good for the fishing, but not for the swimming and water sports.

This property has a big development potential, mainly because it is Tourist-Commecial zoning, which hard to find today in Ontario.

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Possible fast development of Tourist-Commercial land:

  • 5 to 6 new residential waterfront lots (needs rezoning) or
  • 15 – 17 small cabins (under 100 sq. feet) plus outhouse (does not need any approval)  or
  • ten one bedroom cottages or
  • big lodge or
  • any other tourist commercial development that limited by 10 000 litres day septic system.

Any bigger development is also possible, but it requires approval from the Ministry of Natural resources. We have environmental and archaeological surveys to apply for the approval, but it can be a pretty time consuming.

Big commercial waterfront lot for sale in Ontario.

This 45acres of waterfront property have a Tourist-Commercial zoning, that hard to find in Ontario on the big lake.

Tourist Commercial zoning provide many opportunities for the further development. The possible use of Tourist Commercial land for our Township can be found here.

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